Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cruisin' Canal

The street car driver in New Orleans has to be pretty alert. In attentive drivers tend to turn in front of them -- it helps to see it coming if you want to stop one of these lumbering beasts in time.

This shot is looking out the front of the car down the 'neutral ground of Canal Street in downtown New Orleans. (Of course there really is no front to the car -- there's a set of controls just like this on the other end to allow the car to go either way on the track). Everyone is more familiar with the shade-line St. Charles Avenue route of the cars. On Canal Street, the Cemeteries route will take you .... well, all the way to the cemeteries near City Park.

While the Canal Street car will (as soon as its is running -- Nov. 1?) take you passed unbelievably beautiful and massive homes, the cemeteries car takes you through a more traditional (and affordable) part of the city.

A few other "transportation" shots of City Daily Photo blogs today:

Fancy Pumpkins -- New York Daily Photo
Weatherman, Segway and Southern Comfort -- St. Louis Daily Photo
Southernbound track -- Hyde Daily Photo

--steve buser


maria elisa said...

great photo.


TOG said...

How much does a ride cost?

I’ve tagged you! Now you’re it!
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Annie said...

Nice photo, Steve, for it makes me feel like a tourist this evening.

Jenny said...

I was going to tag you, but someone beat me to it! But I love your pictures recently - really interesting and beautiful. Sorry I don't come around and comment more!

Jules said...

What to travel around in that.

The PMVs in PNG are not so romantic!!!!

Lynette said...

Great shot out the streetcar front window--front because that's the direction it happened to be going right then. We have at least one car like that, with controls at each end, here in Portland. To tell you the truth, I don't know how the newer ones are set up--might be the same thing but not quaint or romantic. I've seen control compartments at both ends of the light rail cars on the MAX line, too.

Tell me something, Steve, please. Did you make a change in the header colors of your blog? Or have I been not noticing it all along? Anyway, I like the Mardi Gras look of it very much!

Thanks for visiting Portland (OR) Daily Photo.

Mike said...

I like the B&W effect. I assume that is what we call a tram?

Jilly said...

Great shot. Love the colour and then the black and white.

Steve Buser said...

Lynette -- I did change the header on the site. Trying to get those Mardi Gras colors in. There's an old joke "How do you know if someone is from New Orleans?" "They think purple, green and gold go together."

Mike -- It's never called a tram here, but that's what it is.

Tog -- it costs $1.25. Cheap tourist attraction. Tagged? Let me get to that tomorrow.