Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sausage skied night

Our group was down in the quarter last night and this was the view of the last rays of sunshine. I don't know much about clouds and such, but since I love to shoot sunsets, I tend to watch the sky a lot. This was a strange cloud cover -- little sausage links lined up across the sky. It was a beautiful night, not to hot with a good breeze blowin from the east ( a kind of strange directions for breezes around here).

Some more "sky" shots on City Daily Photo blogs today:

Sunrise -- Miami Beach
About turn -- Menton Daily Photo
Balloons -- Delta Daily Photo

--steve buser


Wanda said...

I love clouds too, and these are some great ones. Steve, you have a great post.

Erinn said...

I love clouds!!!!!!!!

I love what you've done with the blog!!! :) -(im the old vegas photographer, now in reno) I did a piece on the Truckee River Walk, I know you would enjoy it :)

Denton said...

Interesting cloud photo. I can not come up with a better description than "sausage skied night" ... I personally get to post very few cloud photos because our sky is mostly blue or slate gray ... I'm envious.

Chris said...

I love clouds, too! Ages ago, I did a school report on clouds. These look like altocumulus clouds.

We should do a theme day on clouds sometime!!

Neva said...

I like clouds too but don't get as many good shots as you do!

Moi said...

your description of the sky and clouds makes my tummy rumble (i totally gorge on Chroizo sausages) ...the foodie in me would have described it as cotton candies... you just got the food element stronger :DDD

photowannabe said...

So pretty, there must be the silver lining there somewhere.

NorthBayPhoto said...

Great sunset & cloud photos.