Monday, October 15, 2007

Near earth aerial pursuits

If only all trees made themselves this available for climbing. The trees at City Park in New Orleans seem to accomodate the young aerial artists, well. They probably took the ground route many years ago because of the number of little feet that kept pushing them down.

In any case, they have made millions of kids happy over the years. I remember my own years of excitement of climbing the massive reclining limbs.

More tree fun on City Daily Photo blogs today

Bouée couronne -- Le Guilvinec Daily Photo
Look Up -- Santa Fe Daily Photo
Signs of Summer Final #261 -- Richmond upon Thames Daily Photo

--steve buser


Rambling Round said...

A nice, Deep South playground.

DS2944 said...

OK I understand : The buoy is for the children !!!
See the edit on my blog ;-)

Moi said... must be an indulgent comes across in your pics..... :)

Marie said...

Very funny old tree. Here kids break the trees and bushes.

Andrée said...

Just looking at this makes me want to play there, too. That's one great tree.

The long, long road home,New Orleans said...

it's the monkey tree! Or at least that what we called it in my youth. I still love climbing it, it never gets old.