Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Feeling jazzy

All that jazz
Okay, I confess. I am in a playful mood this morning. Feeling real New Orleansie (just made that one up). I had fun playing around with this picture in Gimp and Picassa to set in the black background -- gets rid of all that distraction.

Trying to get that real jazzy feel. This is the Storyville Stompers playing at a party we were at about a couple months ago. I was reminded of this shot in my archives by last week's event -- The International Council of Shopping Centers was here and Harrah's Casino threw a reception for the delegates (along with a few economic development groups. The festivities started at the Hilton Riverside Hotel, where a jazz band met the party goers and led them in true New Orleans street parade style over to the casino. It was true New Orleans -- a slow march that you would call lanquid if it was so full of joy and happy sounds. The band turns side to side more than it steps forward -- to make sure everyone is in the party.

Anyway. Since, I was still feeling the glow, I thought you would like a taste.

-- steve buser


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Kate said...

Now THIS looks like the image I have of New Orleans.

Lynette said...

Yum, yum. New Orleans tastes right fine! Thank you, Chef Steve!

Moi said...

The NO i always have dreamt of :)

Marie said...

I have thought of jazz too today, but in a different way.

Wanda said...

Yes very jazzy, I think I feel the glow..thanks for the taste!


GMG said...

New Orleans at its best! I always remember one night in 1982 paying one dollar and sitting on the floor at The Preservation Hall to see and hear an incredible jazz concert, before a Hurricane at Pat O'Briens...

photowannabe said...

Terrific technique on the Jazz picture. Its the flavor of New Orleans.

Rich said...

great image Steve.

Planet Earth Daily Photo

Carlos Lorenzo said...

The way you describe it I suppose it was really groovy. Thanks for the buzz Steve.