Friday, October 5, 2007

Breeze brothers

One last summer image -- two wind walkers sail across Lake Pontchartrain sharing their passion of letting the wind sustain them. In the far background are the downtown buildings of New Orleans -- just shadows in this drama.

I was in a playful mood today on Pixel Eyed -- my other blog. Felt like I had to give Whoopi some acting lessons.

-- steve buser

I could only find one breeze brother on City Daily Photo blogs today:

Indian summer is over -- Moscow Daily Photo

But check out these shots:

Sailboat on lower Hudson River
Random Stuff -- (you have to click on the photo to see it larger)


photowannabe said...

This is a terrific composition. I especially like the shadow buildings in the background.

Wanda said...

Yes, the shadows are great, love the color of the water too.

donna said...

I don't understand why you linked to a graphic image on my site to depict "New Orleans Daily Photos" or photos from anywhere. I clearly stated it was a background photo of mine, the sun was added in Paint Shop Pro (graphic software program) and the water effect was created with a plugin filter from Flaming Pear appropriately named Flood. The sailboats are free tubes to use from Tubes by Eloise.

I don't mind you providing the link to my work, however it is not an actual photograph, but a digitally created image.


Denton said...

Beautiful photo and great commentary. I like the part about the downtown buildings being just "shadows in this drama".