Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Geese's eye view

Everyone keeps telling you "try to see it from the other guy's view."

Well, I thought I would show you things from a geese's eye view. The New Orleans City Park Canadian Geese didn't even want me to be part of their gathering, even after I explained to them that I wanted to see the world as they see it. Apparently, years of mistreatment by homo sapiens has left them weary and afraid to let in outsiders.

I did manage to get this shot before they quacked insults at me and blinked at each other. They stuck their noses in the air and quickly wandered off gossiping.

I guess the old "Birds of a feather" saying has a lot of truth in it. It's a shame they feel that way, I was going to buy them lunch.

--steve buser


Wayne said...

You should have taken some popcorn with you Steve. You'd have welcomed you like one of the family.

If New Orleans wants some more Canada Geese just say the word. As a gesture of goodwill Canada would probably send you, say, two, three thousand?

I don't think most people are all that bothered but they are a generally viewed as a messy nuisance.

Maybe that's why the Beaver is the national animal. You hardly ever see them and they're quiet.

Columbo said...

Canadian Geese run the show up here in Oregon. They have the right of way on our streets. It is not uncommon for traffic to be stopped in both directions with people out of their vehicles directing the geese. But the geese have their own pace which is sloooooow! Enjoyed you post, Steve, I will try and capture some shots up here this fall.

JM said...

That's a very nice framing!!!

The Mulligan Family said...

Love that photo, Steve. The angle that you took it from is PERFECT! Too bad they wouldn't stick around to visit with you longer. I love geese!

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