Saturday, August 30, 2008

Keep track of Hurricane Gustav

I thought that if you are visiting this site today you want more information on Hurricane Gustav and what is going on in the New Orleans area

If you want the "right now" data on Hurricane Gustav down off the coast of Cuba, the NOAA has a buoy down there near the pass between Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula. Click here to watch the winds, air pressure and temperature there.

To get a list of other links, look on the right hand side of this page at the very top. Click there to see a page of links.

On the list, click on "weather" and you will have a smorgasbord to choose from including satellite image and more.

I will do a few more posts today.

--steve buser


PJ said...

Hi Steve, I don't have all the weather links that you have but I do have postings with the latest NOOA graphics on my other blog for Gustav and Hanna. I keep them updated on a regular basis.
We're all watchng and waiting as there is no way to know how this will end until the end. We lost everything in Ivan so we're pretty sensitive about these things.

Jack and Joann said...

Steve, that's nice of you to keep us informed about the approaching hurricanes.

Columbo said...

Thanks for the information, I have my fingers crossed. Good Luck.

Mike said...

Good luck down there guys.

I lived through one hurricane in 1985. Hurricane Gloria here in New York. It was a cat 3 with probably wind gust near 120mph here.