Sunday, August 3, 2008

Short friendship

What happened was, I was shooting birds across the lagoon on the island in Audubon Park. I went to wipe some dust off my lens and saw my friend here about 8 feet away.

He was okay with me being there as long as I wasn't looking at him. ( I guess he thought he was invisible). So I turned around and inched several little bitty steps toward him. He stood tense, but didn't move. I turned around and set down facing along the shore line. Then I slowly turned around in his direction to start shooting.

I popped of several shots and then got a little more brave -- leaning toward him for a close up. He posed for about three shots before he decided I had had enough and edged toward the water one foot at a time. When I leaned further toward him he slid quickly in the water.

Strangely enough he stayed about 8 feet out for a few minutes checking me out.

-- steve buser


lv2scpbk said...

Love how you can see the colors and details on him.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

That is a great shot. Your pictures make me want to buy a better camera! LOL

JM said...

Another great wild life shot, Steve!

Laurie said...

Steve, this is another amazing shot with your usual great commentary. I have always been fond of turtles ever since I used to catch the little ones in the stream near my house as a child. Never saw one in this great detail before, though. Wow!

Wanda said...

You are really becoming one with nature.

Soon you'll be talking to the animals...then I'll have to call you Dr. Steve Dolittle!

This is an extraorninary shot. Love it.

PJ said...

As soon as I saw this I felt I was right there, the perspective is wonderful. Beautiful colors.
Pensacola Daily Photo

Sandy said...

wow great close up!!!

I love this.

Boise Diva said...

I can see why he was hard to see at first. He certainly blends in.

Lake Lady said...

Great shot, Steve! I love turtles and I love your nature shots, so you gave me a double blessing today!

Be sure to check my Corsicana Daily Photo blog on Wednesday.

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Jilly said...

Just fabulous, Steve.